New ready-to-deploy SurfControl Web Filter Appliance

SurfControl announced the release of the SurfControl Web Filter Appliance, a “ready-to-deploy,” purpose-built solution with Web Filter software pre-installed on an ISA-based, hardened Windows appliance. This product specializes in providing full visibility and policy control across a full spectrum of Web-based content.

The SurfControl Web Filter Appliance protects employees as well as organizations from the security, regulatory, productivity, and network performance risks that can result from inappropriate Web usage, and from related threats such as IM, streaming media, file downloads, and Web-based e-mail. With the SurfControl Web Filter Appliance, businesses of all sizes can safeguard their organization from all these threats.

“The Internet is critical to organizations worldwide, yet it is their biggest security threat. Today global organizations require customizable and detailed internal controls,” said John Cheney, executive vice president of global marketing at SurfControl. “The Web Filter Appliance can be installed on-site in minutes, and supplies IT managers with the controls and reporting tools they need to protect their organization from threats as well as inappropriate Internet usage. Because it is an appliance, the focus is on ease-of-deployment, with little to no ongoing maintenance.”

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