First free intrusion prevention system for SME market

Intoto announced the beta release of IntruPro IPS, an enterprise-class intrusion prevention system available as a free download at in 30 days.

IntruPro IPS allows channel partners and IT managers to easily create a robust, enterprise-ready security device – for free – using off-the-shelf x86 server hardware, making it an ideal solution for any small to midsized enterprise.

IntruPro IPS is designed to prevent an intruder from exploiting vulnerabilities in an existing computer system or network. It also aims to prevent individuals inside the enterprise from misusing privileges and exploiting existing vulnerabilities in the network. IntruPro IPS uses multiple detection methods including signature detection, protocol anomaly and traffic anomaly. The system monitors the network traffic, alerts administrators of any suspicious activity and stops attacks from reaching their intended destination. It has the capability to identify bandwidth intensive applications such as P2P and IM, and enables administrators to control bandwidth usage by these applications, thereby preserving bandwidth for mission critical applications. The product is designed to plug into the network without any changes to the network configuration, either in-front of or behind an existing firewall.

The full-featured IntruProâ„? IPS beta is available in 30 days as a free, ready-to-deploy software product for download at Customer service and support is available through Intoto and its ecosystem of partners.

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