First geographical load balancing SSL VPN

AEP Networks, the leader in policy-based networking, announces the AEP Netilla Security Platform (NSP) Release 5.6 – the industry’s first and only SSL VPN to include integrated load balancing to provide geographical site failover for business continuity.

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning has become a major area of interest because of the impact of recent disasters – both small-scale and large. Remote access to company applications via SSL VPN can help companies be more resilient after catastrophic events and is a viable component to a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

In the NSP Release 5.6 the standard load-balancing configurations now enable geographical load balancing, providing load sharing and failover between independent NSP clusters in geographically diverse data centers. It is configurable by the enterprise as active-active for organizations self-insuring against a failure in their owned data centers or as active-passive for customers using a standby/backup disaster recovery facility service, such as those provided by IBM or Sungard.

This is a global, high-availability load balancing solution, for large-scale, multi-site deployments, supporting up to thousands of concurrent users. With this highly scalable solution, AEP Networks is targeting mid-tier and larger enterprises for remote access and application security on a global basis as part of their business continuity planning.

SSL VPN provides universal application reach. Users are always redirected to the fastest responding appliance and site regardless of geographic location, resulting in fast, uninterrupted and secure application access for users.

” Global, high-availability SSL VPN architecture with a cluster of NSP appliances and global load balancing technology
” Always-on access and availability to critical applications
” Integrated application security with granular access controls

NSP 5.6 is currently in beta testing, and will be generally available via AEP Business Partners in early July.

NSP Geographical Load-Balancing is available for use on all NSP product versions from entry-level through high-end. A typical NSP Global Load Balancing configuration with two geographically diverse NSP (x2) clusters each supporting 100 concurrent users (200 concurrent users total) is available through AEP’s channel partners for about $50,000 US list price which includes all hardware appliances and software licensing.

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