Computrace Anti-Theft Security embedded in Toshiba Notebook Computers

Absolute Software announced today that Toshiba America Information Systems has embedded support for Computrace in the BIOS firmware within the Portégé and Tecra models of commercial notebook computers. “TAIS is the United States subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, which is one of the top five global manufacturers of notebooks, so this represents an excellent opportunity to expand our business and forge a deeper relationship with both Toshiba and TAIS, a reseller of our products for many years,” said John Livingston, Chairman and CEO of Absolute Software. “Corporate customers purchasing Portégé and Tecra notebooks will be able to take advantage of the full suite of Computrace corporate product features to protect confidential data on missing computers, including computer theft recovery, secure asset tracking and remote data delete.”

The Computrace agent embedded in the BIOS will be shipped turned off, and can be activated by customers when they purchase a subscription to one of Absolute’s Computrace products. Subscriptions can be purchased for terms ranging from one to five years. Large organizations can protect their entire inventory of notebook computers with Computrace Complete, Absolute’s comprehensive solution that combines computer theft recovery services with the power to delete data from lost or stolen machines, and to securely track their assets for lifecycle management and regulatory compliance purposes.

ComputraceComplete also offers a $1000 theft Recovery Guarantee for those computers that cannot be recovered within 60 days

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