New version of DeviceWall endpoint security product

Centennial Software announced the latest version of its Centennial DeviceWall 4.6, available in a Standard or OEM-specific Content Aware Editions. The new editions not only makes DeviceWall the most complete endpoint security product for the enterprise, but has also been optimized for content management and filtering (CMF), data loss prevention (DLP) and other security suite vendors, allowing them to quickly and easily integrate endpoint security functionality into existing security products. New to 4.6 are enhancements to encryption, device support, policy management and more.

“Our research shows that four out of five organizations still don’t have the effective measures in place to protect against threats associated with portable storage devices – like the new SillyFD-AA virus which copies itself to a USB stick and propagates by auto running when reconnected to another PC,” said Bill Piwonka, vice president of product management at Centennial Software. “The new release of DeviceWall not only addresses the evolving threats our existing customer base faces, but has been designed so it can be used by OEMs to complement an existing product.”

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