Finjan’s real-time web security solution with new advanced security enhancements

Finjan announced the release of Vital Security Version 8.5 for all of its web security appliances. TKey highlights of this product release include integrated “in-box” scanning of SSL traffic, scalable and secure user authentication, reporting enhancements, Skype blocking and data leakage prevention. Version 8.5 extends the real-time capabilities of Finjan’s web security solution, proven in the field to deliver the highest rate of malicious code detection.
HTTPS traffic has become an increasingly popular avenue of attack into networks. Version 8.5 provides real-time protection against potentially malicious web content in encrypted HTTPS/SSL traffic (e.g., webmail, e-commerce sites) without requiring a dedicated appliance. Finjan decrypts SSL data at the gateway, analyzes the code using patented real-time content inspection and re-encrypts it – all within the appliance. Finjan offers a web security solution capable of truly understanding the intent of encrypted (SSL) traffic, thus delivering unmatched security with end-to-end encryption. HTTPS, HTTP and FTP traffic are managed in a consolidated manner via a unified user interface.
Finjan’s web security solution enables enterprises to block IM applications that use HTTP (AOL/ICQ, MSN, Yahoo), as well as Skype which uses a dedicated port. In the case of Skype, if an organization chooses to block Skype traffic at the corporate firewall, it will automatically revert to HTTPS. Since Finjan is able to inspect HTTPS traffic, Skype over HTTPS can also be blocked by the web appliance. Finjan helps organizations manage risks associated with data leakage by blocking outbound MS Office documents (e.g., during uploading to a webmail server) as part of the default security policy.
Through these new features and other security enhancements, including the ability to detect potentially malicious content in audio files (e.g. mp3), Finjan Vital Security Web Appliance prevents malicious web content from entering the corporate network.

Finjan Vital Security Web Appliances Version 8.5 will be available on June 20. 

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