Companies team up on forensic investigations of encrypted data

Utimaco announced a strategic relationship that allows organizations to secure their data without compromising their ability to perform in-depth digital investigations.

Guidance Software’s EnCase digital investigative platform and Utimaco SafeGuard solutions work together seamlessly, providing EnCase users with access to Utimaco-encrypted devices. This ensures that law enforcement agencies, corporations and government organizations can conduct effective investigations while maintaining the security and forensic integrity of their digital data.

“Organizations must continue to protect their sensitive data from unauthorized access,” stated Craig Bumpus, Utimaco General Manager, Americas. “However, since computer forensics has become a staple in criminal and regulatory compliance investigations, organizations require solutions that meet best practices for protecting data while enabling digital investigations of any kind. Partnering with Guidance, Utimaco now delivers the leading solution to provide device and data access to aid in investigations.”

“The ability to perform digital investigations is critical to corporations and government agencies. At the same time, there is a greater need to protect and secure their digital data with encryption technologies,” stated John Colbert, CEO of Guidance Software. “Guidance Software and Utimaco have joined forces to ensure that the encryption of an organization’s sensitive data does not inhibit digital investigations related to such areas as employee fraud, incident response and eDiscovery.”

Forensically sound digital investigations are more relevant due to the exponential increase in digital data, an increasing number of regulatory mandates and the recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure regarding eDiscovery. Corporations are driven to secure their digital data to address compliance issues, prevent intellectual property leakage, and to secure customer and PII data.

This integrated solution enables access to data encrypted with Utimaco’s SafeGuard solution, while ensuring the security and privacy of SafeGuard customer data and the forensic integrity of the evidence. The joint Utimaco and Guidance solution can only be used with the availability of user or administrator credentials and is available immediately for Utimaco SafeGuard and EnCase customers.

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