Converting Solaris 10 into a trusted operating system

Argus Systems Group announced today the release of PitBull Foundation for Solaris 10. This product converts Solaris 10 into a trusted operating system designed to meet LSPP criteria at EAL 4+. It is built on the classic, labeled security model similar to Trusted Solaris. This means that IT security managers now have the option of retaining the architecture developed previously for labeled security.

PitBull Foundation for Solaris 10 is available now and incorporates features from previous versions of Foundation and also includes additional enhancements. PitBull Foundation Suite is scheduled to follow shortly.

PitBull Foundation is a software product that converts a standard operating system to a trusted operating system. PitBull Foundation Suite is a set of utilities to simplify installation as well as enhance operational efficiency. PitBull Foundation and PitBull Foundation Suite are available for Solaris 8 and Solaris 10, as well as AIX 5.3. PitBull Foundation for AIX has been certified under Common Criteria LSPP at EAL 4+.

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