Webwasher Anti-Malware engine outranks 28 competitors

In an independent test published in PC Magazine, Secure Computing’s Webwasher Anti-Malware engine ranked in first place out of 29 vendors as the top product for detecting malware in an aggressive evaluation. The research, conducted by independent AV-Test.org Labs, mirrored the true magnitude of malware threats and illustrated the varying degrees of effectiveness of anti-malware products in detecting these threats.
The test bombarded each solution with over 606,000 different malicious files and evaluated malware detection capabilities. With a combination of Trojans, backdoors, bots (zombies) and over 82 thousand worms to detect, Secure Computing’s Webwasher technology emerged as the clear winner, detecting 99.83 percent of the malicious files. Of the 29 products tested, half of the products received scores of under 90 percent. Indicative of the wide range of product efficacy in the industry, 20 percent of the solutions tested scored less than 85 percent in detection abilities.
“AV-Test Labs is one of the most credible and highly-regarded test labs in the security community. Receiving a top score from AV-Test Labs validates our pioneering, reputation-based approach,” said Atri Chatterjee, senior vice president of Marketing, Secure Computing. “As demonstrated, we provide the most advanced, innovative and effective solutions to our customers.”

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