EarthLink starts an online security center

EarthLink started offering a new layer of protection with the launch of the EarthLink Security Center. Available to all Internet users, this Web site is a source of news, information and recommendations for anyone with questions about Internet threats like spam, spyware and phisher sites.

The EarthLink Security Center is meant for the typical Internet user who has limited time to search through multiple sites and wants a trusted guide to help make the appropriate security choices for themselves and their families. Tools and services include:

— A free security check that provides a real-time assessment of the consumer’s computer. It analyzes the machine’s current security software, evaluates its strength and gives a PC security “rating” based on its findings. This application also provides guidance on obtaining the latest protection updates and recommendations on software to patch existing security holes.

— An Internet threats meter that provides a pulse on the level of Internet threat activity and delivers up-to-date information on the latest security threats, security software holes and Internet scams consumers should be aware of for security and safety purposes.

— An Internet security 101 section that provides definitions of commonly used PC security problem terms (i.e. key logger), solution terms (i.e. anti-spyware) and advice on what steps to take if a consumer suspects that they have a problem.

— A news and blogs section that provides the latest industry information on new security threats and fixes as well as updates on major happenings with the companies and technologies that make up the Internet and PC security industries.

– A free and premium software section that provides a comprehensive and searchable database of many well-known security products and related reviews available on the market today.

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