Fortinet expands its multi-threat security appliances

Fortinet expanded its FortiGate-3000 Series of multi-threat security appliances with the introduction of two new products – the FortiGate-3810A and the FortiGate-3016B – and a series of expansion modules that meet or exceed the throughput requirements of enterprise and MSSP applications.

The new FortiGate systems are highly scalable and shatter security industry performance barriers – delivering up to 26 Gbps of firewall performance, an approximate 300 percent improvement over competitive offerings. The FortiGate-3810A and FortiGate-3016B appliances are ideally-suited for network core and data center deployments, and also address the stringent requirements of service providers seeking to build service offerings based on the FortiGate platform.

With the rise in prevalence of cyber criminals’ blended threat attacks as well as the adoption of bandwidth-hungry applications such as next generation Web 2.0, VoIP and IPTV applications, enterprises and service providers require significantly higher performance security products that can scale to meet current and future demands. With few security vendors rising to this challenge, some customers are being forced to choose between the security and performance of their next-generation networks.

The FortiGate-3810A and FortiGate-3016B platforms build upon the best-in-class performance achievements of the FortiGate-3600A, announced last fall.

Performance is achieved through a combination of Fortinet’s existing FortiASICâ„?-CP6 Content Processor and its new FortiASIC-NP2 Network Processor, which enables firewall throughput of up to 26 Gbps from a single device – the nearest competitive product offers only up to 7 Gbps of firewall throughput. Additionally, hardware-accelerated gigabit Ethernet interfaces are available for all FortiGate-3000 Series platforms to enable wire speed firewall and near wire speed VPN performance to ensure time-sensitive applications like VoIP or IPTV do not suffer from network latency or jitter.

The FortiGate-3810A, FortiGate-3016B and related modules will be available in Q3 2007 through Fortinet’s network of channel partners worldwide. More information can be found these products at

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