Anti-spyware vendor expands to Canada

Webroot Software announced that it is expanding the distribution of Webroot Spy Sweeper  Enterprise and Webroot SME Security by extending its distributor relationship with Ingram Micro to Canada. This alliance further demonstrates Webroot’s commitment to expand the accessibility of its award-winning solutions on a global basis to stem the rise in identity fraud, corporate data breaches and malicious applications.

Spyware has rapidly climbed the list of enterprise security threats and now ranks as the second most serious threat facing corporations today, according to IDC’s annual security survey. IDC believes that 40-50 percent of all help desk calls are currently related to spyware. This impact of spyware can spell disaster for an already overloaded help desk in the SMB environment.
Under terms of this agreement, Ingram Micro will now distribute Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise and Webroot SME Security to solution providers throughout Canada, as well as offer marketing, training, and customer service and support. Webroot already is available to consumers in Canada through various retail channels.
As Canada’s Internet usage and high-speed access increase, security has become a growing priority among small and medium businesses. AMI-Partners estimate that Canadian SMBs will invest US$429 million this year on security-related products and services – up some 22 percent from last year. According to Laurie McCabe, an analyst at AMI-Partners, “The growth of new spyware variants is accelerating faster than viruses. SMBs need to deploy security solutions to effectively protect themselves and their businesses against both of these threats.”
A 2006 survey by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario found that almost two-thirds of Canadian businesses had lost income, customers and productivity due to cyber-crime. Many report cyber-crime costs them more than traditional theft or robbery.

According to Andrea Clarke-Thompson, vendor business manager, Ingram Micro Canada, “Our partners and their customers in the U.S. have experienced great success with Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise and SME Security, and we look forward to enjoying the same success here in Canada. And, with the growing numbers of spyware type exploits in Canada, this expansion is the next logical step in our relationship with Webroot.”

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