Malware and anti-botnet prevention on Gigabit speed platform

Mi5 Networks announced the Webgate line of high-speed appliances that neutralize malware in web traffic, control web use, and detect/shutdown botnet activity inside an organization’s network. Built on Mi5’s proprietary S2 Streaming Engine, Webgate inspects and filters bidirectional web traffic as well as internal network communications on all ports and protocols without imposing user discernible slowdowns associated with proxy-based products.

To control web use and provide comprehensive security against web threats including malicious URLs, spyware, viruses, and crimeware, Webgate intercepts and filters inbound as well as outbound web data streams on all ports and for all protocols in real-time. This capability enables organizations to centrally define and enforce acceptable use and web security policies at the Internet Gateway. For best in class URL filtering, anti-virus and anti-spyware protection, Webgate combines Mi5 developed network behavior heuristics with signature-based malware detection data from best of breed providers including IBM, Sophos, and Sunbelt. In addition, Webgate can prevent users from uploading and downloading nearly 300 different file formats in over a dozen categories.

To protect organizations against undetected botnets on their networks, Webgate maintains a unique 360 degree view of traffic by inspecting all web streams in and out of the organization as well as internal network activity. Combining this global perspective with proprietary Mi5 algorithms, Webgate automatically identifies Bots, detects Botnet traffic, and can disinfect hijacked machines based on policy settings. With Webgate, organizations can prevent confidential data from being extracted in phone home messages to Botnet command and control servers, and track Bots attempting to locate and infect additional systems on the network.

For automated remediation of malware infections, Webgate identifies compromised PCs by name, and provides a severity indicator. Webgate can dispatch without human intervention a dynamic cleanup agent, called SpyWash, to infected hosts. This ActiveX program disinfects a user’s computer without IT involvement, downtime, or requiring a PC restart. Webgate also provides comprehensive policies and a drill-down reporting engine that maintains granular company, department and employee data on internal botnet activity, remote attacks, spyware phone homes, malware detections, infected clients, as well as URL and file upload/download inspections.

Webgate is available immediately from Mi5 Networks and its business partners worldwide. Five different models are available to meet the needs of any size network. Webgate pricing starts at $3,495.

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