PCI compliance and vulnerability scanning suite for just $99

Research published recently within the security industry confirms that, while PCI is important, it is only one part of a larger vulnerability management framework for protecting consumer data from hackers. According to this study conducted between March and May of 2007 among network compliance management experts, nearly 7 out of 10 IT professionals understand that the PCI compliancy scan may not provide the regular monitoring needed to ensure a website is safe from outside attacks.

PCI compliancy establishes stringent standards on how Emerchants process, store and transmit customer data. One component of these standards includes the requirement that Emerchants scan their websites for possible vulnerabilities at least once per quarter. This scanning requirement provides customer protection, but IT professionals also recognize that, in addition to the PCI-required scan, a daily scanning solution would identify any vulnerability that may otherwise go undetected between the required scans.

Comodo ensures that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are effectively both compliant and secure through a highly cost-effective approach that combines PCI compliancy and security. The HackerGuardian Bundle includes Daily Vulnerability Scanning to detect if a server is vulnerable to hackers and PCI Compliancy Scanning. At $99, Comodo’s bundle costs a fraction of the leading competitor’s solution, which runs more than $1,000.

HackerGuardian PCI Scan Compliance overview:

” Proof of PCI scan compliance for up to 5 IP addresses or other externally-facing devices
” Automatically generated and ‘ready-to-go’ PCI scan compliance reports that can be immediately submitted to your acquiring bank
” Up to 10 fully-featured on-demand scans per quarter to achieve PCI compliancy
” Patent-pending Credit Card TrustLogo that indicate a company is authorized to take credit card payments

HackerGuardian Daily Vulnerability Scanning overview:

” The flexibility and power to schedule over 14,000 individual vulnerability tests
” Includes high-impact logo confirming site’s safety from hackers to build consumer trust
” Detailed reports identify security holes and contain actionable fix recommendations

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