SANS announces Network Security 2007 national training event

SANS announced that the nation’s largest security-focused training event, Network Security 2007, is returning to Las Vegas, Nevada, September 22-30, 2007 at Caesars Palace. The event features 39 training courses, informative vendor events, networking opportunities, keynote presentations, and — a SANS milestone — hands-on integrated cyber exercises where student red cell hackers attack a student- defended network. The event is designed to allow attendees to leave with the knowledge and confidence to immediately put the new things they learn to work in the workplace.

Network Security 2007 is the largest network security training event in the nation. SANS’ 39 courses will address the actual problems information technology security professionals face in the key areas of audit, legal, management, and security. Classes will range from hands-on intrusion detection, hacker techniques, and incident handling mechanics to management- level courses focused on security leadership and legal concerns.

Additionally, new courses and content, such as embedded device hacking and next-evolution digital forensics, will prepare students for the latest threats and technologies and techniques to keep potential disaster at bay. This type of information is critical in today’s litigious environment and companies cannot afford to be undereducated in the area of information security.

To prepare students, Network Security 2007 offers hands-on training from world-class security practitioners including Ed Skoudis, Mike Poor, Eric Cole, Jason Fossen, Stephen Northcutt, Tanya Baccam, Dave Hoelzer, and Chris Brenton.

This year’s event also includes the inaugural Capstone’s Integral Cyber Exercise (ICE), a war game in which students test their skills in simulated real-world conditions. The course is presented by SANS and White Wolf Security and students who register will positively know if they have mastered the skills their roles require.

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