New application security software from SPI Dynamics

S.P.I. Dynamics announced WebInspect, according to the company, the first and only web application security assessment tool to be re-architected to thoroughly analyze today’s complex web applications built on emerging Web 2.0 technologies such as Ajax, SOAP, SOA and Flash. The new architecture delivers faster scanning capabilities, broader assessment coverage, and the most accurate results of any web application scanner available.

WebInspect 7.5’s new features help users improve accuracy and speed in their application audits. As web applications become increasingly complex, it becomes more difficult to conduct an accurate and comprehensive audit. WebInspect is specifically designed to test the emerging complexities in Web 2.0 applications, and now that more Web 2.0 applications are available for assessment, WebInspect can actually identify patterns in these applications that enable more accurate and easier scans.

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