New corporate antispyware solution with antivirus functions

Webroot Software announced the release of Webroot AntiSpyware Corporate Edition with AntiVirus. In addition to compatibility with the Windows Vista operating system, key new features include Active Directory integration for simplified network deployment, Behavioral Genotype protection from Sophos which analyzes viral behavior to prevent it from executing, and the latest updates to Webroot’s award-winning antispyware technology.

Webroot AntiSpyware Corporate Edition with AntiVirus includes new and enhanced features in both its antispyware and antivirus protection:
” New Active Directory Integration. Provides customers with the ability to import groups and users into the Webroot management console for ease of client management and installation;
” New Sophos Behavioral Genotype Protection. This new feature from Sophos analyzes behavior before code executes, without creating a false positive problem and without deploying separate software. It also provides benefits of a Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) and allows the solution to guard against unknown malware threats;
” New Windows Vista Compatibility. The new version is now compatible with Windows Vista. In a competitive analysis, Webroot blocked 100 percent of malware compared to only 16 percent by Windows Vista’s default malware blocking application;
” Enhanced Proactive Real-time Threat Protection. Through the use of powerful on-write, on-read, and on-execute Smart Shields, the solution proactively blocks spyware threats during read operations and before files can write or install on the end-user’s workstation. These shields protect the most common threat entry points including changes to system memory, registry entries, host files, startup processes, browser-hijackings and many other security settings; and,
” Enhanced Spyware Detection, Trace and Real-time Threat Reports. Additional powerful reporting options provide network administrators the ability to track and report on instances of spyware through updated quarantine, trace detail, single spy and shield event reports. New reports also help justify product efficacy and value.

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