Zero-hour virus outbreak detection

New 5.0 version of Commtouch Enterprise Anti-Spam Gateway now includes Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Detection to complement traditional enterprise Anti-Virus solutions and block new malware variants from the first moments they emerge on the Internet.
“We see more and more similarity and overlap between spam and malware innovation and distribution methods, so it is a natural next step to integrate Commtouch’s Zero Hour solution into the Enterprise Anti-Spam Gateway, to provide the ultimate inbox protection,” said Haggai Carmon, vice president of products at Commtouch. “Version 5.0 guards against both spam and email-borne malware outbreaks in real-time, making it the ideal outbreak defense for the enterprise.”

Unique benefits of Enterprise Anti-Spam Gateway version 5.0 include:
Content-Agnostic Anti-Spam for Top Detection

Spam detection rates of over 97% and extremely low false positives make Commtouch a highly accurate anti-spam solution.  Like previous versions, Commtouch Enterprise Anti-spam Gateway 5.0 is based on patented Recurrent Pattern Detection technology. RPD is the only technology that detects new spam outbreaks in real-time, as soon as they are distributed and before they reach the customer’s network. Whether the outbreaks are image-based, PDF, Excel spam, or some other type of spam, all spam outbreaks are blocked immediately, regardless of language or format.
Real-time Protection Against Virus Outbreaks

Today’s server-side polymorphic malware targets the primary weakness in Anti-Virus technology: the time it takes for new signatures or heuristics to be developed and distributed. Commtouch Enterprise Anti-Spam 5.0 now incorporates Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Detection to complement traditional Anti-Virus solutions, and to shield enterprises in the earliest moments of malware outbreaks.
Fast, Simple Deployment

Commtouch Enterprise Anti-spam Gateway is deployed in less than 30 minutes – and provides full support for any email platform and network architecture. Version 5.0 continues to offer flexible control and configuration, fully automated operation and convenient user-group management. The Commtouch solution offers powerful end-user control including personal quarantine and personal policy management, yet requires no user-side installation.
RPD technology

Commtouch RPD technology is mature, proven technology, trusted to protect millions of inboxes worldwide. In addition to its enterprise customer base, Commtouch works with over 70 licensing partners who incorporate RPD technology into their offerings and market them to their customers all over the globe.

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