Application control software and device management USB device combo

PatchLink is working withwith RedCannon Security to provide organizations with a secure environment for USB device use within the corporate network and beyond. Together, PatchLink and RedCannon Security will empower organizations with best-of-breed protection against the severe threats of data leakage and malware introduction posed to the enterprise via USB devices.

Combination of PatchLink’s Sanctuary policy-based device and application control software with RedCannon’s KeyPoint Alchemy solution for device management creates a joint solution that includes identity management, user authentication and endpoint policy enforcement for the mobile workforce.

Administrators have the ability to set customized user access rights for device use at the workplace and encode, track and manage these devices remotely. With advanced functionalities, including data encryption, remote-access authentication and manageability, the partnership provides administrators with the highest level of control over access to enterprise data for comprehensive information leakage prevention.

Validated by standards bodies such as the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) certification, PatchLink and RedCannon Security enable customers to equip their users with secured FIPS 140-2 encrypted devices and enforce, as well as audit, security policies and device use even outside the corporate network perimeter. A complete audit trail of all user activity ensures proof of compliance with a host of regulations, data breaches and privacy.

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