Exploit auction company WabiSabiLabi speaks out at HITBSecConf2007

Roberto Preatoni, WabiSabiLabi’s Strategic Director (and founder of Zone-H defacement mirror) will hold a presentation entitled “WabiSabiLabi – The Exploit Marketplace” at the Hack in The Box Security Conference 2007, Asia’s largest network security conference in Kuala Lumpur, this month.

Roberto Preatoni will offer a chance for the audience to hear first hand from WSLabi about their philosophy, business model and milestones achieved as well as the challenges the project will overcome in the future. Roberto will also discuss:

· The history of research in the security field
· The origins of WABISABILABI
· Previous status of the security market with security researcher’s work being exploited for free
· The black security market: A Myth or Reality?
· The traditional security vendor business model VS the Wabisabilabi model
· Why is an auction space ethical, do major criticisms have any ground
· Legal aspects of a security marketplace: the results of one year of legal investigations
· The economical models: auction, Dutch auction, exclusive sale
· The big dilemma: to disclose or not to disclose
· Why the data is held securely
· How the security research for sale is validated
· How the buyers are vetted before they can bid

Roberto Preatoni, will be presenting “WabiSabiLabi – The Exploit Marketplace” on Wednesday 5th September 2007 at 14.15 at HITBSecConf2007, Kuala Lumpur.

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