A closer look at ZoneAlarm ForceField

Check Point recently unveiled a public beta of the new ZoneAlarm ForceField, the first virtualised, on-demand browser security solution.  It works by enabling “virtual surfing”, creating a duplicate, disposable version of the user to block Web attacks, leaving users safe to surf safely.  It’s like having a “stunt double” protecting your browser.  It also protects Web sessions from threats already on the PC-, like spyware and keyloggers, and includes anti-phishing, privacy mode, download checking and anti-keylogging.

The software can be accessed through its icon located in the system tray.

Customizing the web protection preferences to suite your needs.

Further customization for different malware threats.

Using a private browser inside ZoneAlarm ForceField.

Web site information is opened in a separate window.

The final version of the product is expected to become available in early 2008 and will be offered for $29.95USD.

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