Microsoft released Office 2003 Service Pack 3

Microsoft released Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3) that contains security enhancements and stability improvements. It combines the previously released fixes into one update.

Some of the changes in Service Pack 3 modify the behavior of Office 2003, including changes that disable some features by default and increase control for computer administrators. Changes include:

  • Office 2003 can no longer open or save certain file formats.
  • MAPI forms do not run in public folders and user folders.
  • Office 2003 can now be configured to allow or deny specific COM components.
  • Some COM components with unusual characteristics may not function as expected.
  • Changes have been made to the behavior of Microsoft Office Document Imaging.
  • Attachments with the .gadget extension can no longer be opened in Outlook.
  • Access add-ins can no longer be configured for use by all users.
  • The Fast Save setting in Microsoft Office Word has been removed.
  • Documents saved in certain formats no longer contain the version number of Office.
  • Certain macros in older Excel file formats have increased security.

SP3 also includes stability improvements developed as a result of user input from the Microsoft Online Crash Analysis in Office 2003 and from Microsoft Product Support feedback.

Service Pack 3 is available for download here and detailed information of all that’s included can be found at this link.

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