German company puts the infamous “anti-hacker” law to test

Thierry Zoller, Security Engineer at German tech company n.runs AG, posted a message to the Full Disclosure list saying that n.runs is now putting the new local “anti-hacker” law to test.

We are fed up with the ambiguity and confusion surrounding Germany controversial new anti-hacker law and n.runs AG decided to put the law to the test, we reuploaded the BTCrack (Bluetooth Cracking tool) and futhermore added a new Item, the source code to the Linux port for immediate download.

The law, which took effect Aug. 10, mandates fines or prison sentences for any person who violates 202a or 202b “by providing access to, selling, acquiring, leaving at the disposition of someone, distributing or otherwise making accessible” passwords or access control information. It also outlaws computer programs whose purpose is solely criminal.

N.runs hopes its actions will encourage other German security firms and researchers to put their security tools and research back online as well.

The current confusion and uncertainty is affecting everyone around here -  Jan M??nther (CTO) says.

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