SDK for building fingerprint biometric applications for Linux systems

DigitalPersona announced the DigitalPersona One Touch for Linux SDK, their new software development kit that enables developers to create fingerprint enabled applications for the Linux operating system. The new SDK is the first Linux product for DigitalPersona, which is expanding into the quickly evolving open-source space to enable fingerprint support for multiple Linux distributions.

The new One Touch for Linux SDK provides the same security, convenience, high performance recognition capability and unlimited programmer support as the company’s industry leading Gold and Platinum fingerprint recognition SDKs. It is particularly well suited for Linux-based embedded platforms and standalone systems deployed in retail, financial, healthcare, and time & attendance applications.

Designed for 2.6 kernel versions of the Novell SUSE and Slackware Linux distributions, the One Touch for Linux SDK enables developers to work in familiar C and C++ development environments to integrate fingerprint authentication into applications that will run on PCs, embedded computers, POS terminals or server platforms. DigitalPersona also provides programmers with the source code for the kernel mode driver to enable development on Linux 2.6 distributions that are not on the list of tested distributions.

Features include:

  • Support for image capture from the U.are.U(r) 4000B Fingerprint Reader and Module
  • Perform feature extraction and user enrollment
  • Perform matching of an enrolled fingerprint template to a supplied fingerprint
  • Support for SUSE NLPOS v.9.0 SP 2/3, SUSE SLED 10 SP 1 and Slackware 11 distributions

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