Analysis of Microsoft’s October security bulletins

Each month, Microsoft releases new security patches that may impact devices on your network. Many organizations struggle to understand and prioritize these patches and determine which of their devices are vulnerable.

The Microsoft Patch Summary Advisory, created by Qualys helps organizations understand and prioritize these patches. In addition, QualysGuard is continually updated so that you can quickly identify vulnerable devices and take corrective actions – all with no software to install on your network or end hosts.

There’s also a podcast featuring Amol Sarwate, Vulnerability Research Manager at Qualys. Contents include:

  • Details of the 6 recently announced Microsoft security bulletins.
  • Significance of the 9 new vulnerabilities; including 4 critical-rated vulnerabilities.
  • Impact of vulnerabilities on end-users, businesses and security administrators.
  • Recommendations on how to effectively implement patches.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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