Kaspersky Lab uses anti-phishing databases by the PhishTank service

The PhishTank service, run byOpenDNS, offers a consolidated database of known fishing websites which is continually updated by the Open Source community and ordinary users. Kaspersky Lab has been a participant of this project for a long time, submitting information about phishing resources to the PhishTank database.

Until now, the principal source of anti-phishing data used in Kaspersky Lab products included databases provided by the Anti-Phishing Working Group, of which Kaspersky Lab is a member.

Kaspersky Lab products also use data from other sources including security services of financial organizations which independently track phishing resources. With the addition of the PhishTank databases, the range of anti-phishing data sources has become even broader. This will help to significantly improve the quality of protection from phishing attacks offered to users.

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