VueKIT: Surveillance Video over Powerline

VisualGate Systems launched VueKIT, a complete digital surveillance video solution that uses the existing AC wiring in a building to transmit a professional quality video stream to your computer for both local and remote viewing. Since electrical wiring is the most pervasive medium in any building, it means that there is no need to install new cabling typical of other video surveillance applications. Simply plug in the VueKIT components and install the software, and you can view live video within minutes.

The VueKIT package includes one Powerline IP camera, one Powerline adapter, and the VueKIT software which converts your PC into a video recorder. The software can run and manage up to 4 cameras simultaneously, so additional cameras can be purchased at any time if they are required, and alternate varifocal lenses are also available. The user-friendly VueKIT software allows for multiple users to access the video both locally or remotely from anywhere in the world via a standard Internet browser.

VueKIT offers multi-zone motion detection with email notification, and the ability to schedule recording times. These streaming video files can then be stored directly onto the hard-drive where it can be reviewed and searched by date and time. For security purposes, the VueKIT components are equipped with 56-bit DES encryption.

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