Application Security partners with the Cyber Security Industry Association

In partnership with the Cyber Security Industry Association (CSIA), Application Security, Inc. is participating in a grassroots campaign to drive data security legislation that establishes a national standard for the protection of sensitive information and for data breach notification. Notably, these efforts are underway in October, recognized as National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Application Security is working with the CSIA and local congressional offices throughout New York and Massachusetts to promote better data security standards nationally.

Strengthening the security of data and notifying consumers when breaches occur has bipartisan support in Congress. Several bipartisan bills currently under consideration would provide a realistic and effective legal framework for organizations of all sizes. Some 40 states have varying requirements covering data security and breach notification, but the vast majority of these laws only address the problem after personal data has been compromised. A unified national standard would not only improve consumer protection, but do so at a lower cost by eliminating today’s cumbersome patchwork of inconsistent requirements.

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