New MIT’s Kerberos for Windows

The MIT Kerberos Development Team and Secure Endpoints Inc. announced the release of MIT’s Kerberos for Windows product, Version 3.2.2. This release requires 32-bit editions of Microsoft Windows 2000 and higher or the WOW64 environment of 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows XP and higher.

What’s New in KFW 3.2.2:

Network Identity Manager Application

  • Application window always raised when prompting for new credentials, so prompt is not obscured by other windows.
  • Password entry field accepts 1024 characters.
  • Add –show and –hide command line options.
  • Defines a new color schema. Color values are no longer imported from the user’s desktop theme.
  • Notification icon reflects status of the default identity instead of all identities.

Credential Cache API changes

  • The CCAPI implementation is now compatible with Windows Terminal Server.

Kerberos v5 Library Improvements

  • Based on krb5-1.6.3.
  • MSLSA: ccache properly translates Unicode strings to the local ANSI character set.
  • krb5_get_profile() is exported from krb5_32.dll.

Installer Changes

  • Remove the registration requirement for administrative installations when using the MSI installer.
  • MSVC DLLs include DST 2007 changes.

Build system changes

  • NIM Schema files can now support external file inclusion.
  • Add static ordinals to DLL exports.
  • krbcc credential cache api implementation can now be compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
  • Enable builds on 64 bit Windows.

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