Patent-protected technology that delivers RFID certainty

The MIKOH Smart&Secure patents cover the design and application of its proprietary differential adhesive that causes specific portions of an RFID tag’s electronics to be damaged if the tag is tampered or removed. This results in the tag being rendered inoperable or, in another design, remaining functional but indicating tampering to an RFID reading device.

Smart&Secure is a proprietary RFID technology developed and owned by MIKOH that addresses tag physical security issues by detecting if an RFID label has been tampered or moved. MIKOH currently offers three variations of its Smart&Secure technology: Standard Tag, Tracking Tag and Retail Tag. In addition, MIKOH provides SecureContainer, a reusable plastic container that is sealed using a pressure-sensitive security seal.

Smart&Secure is compatible with all existing RFID frequencies and protocols, chip types and pressure-sensitive tag designs.

MIKOH’s patent-protected adhesive technologies extend beyond Smart&Secure and are applicable to both RFID and non-RFID applications. Tamper evidence can include visual or electronic indicators depending on application requirements.

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