Online Information Security First Person Shooter (FPS) Game

Is it against the company policy to play games while sitting in your comfortable cubicle? What if the game is computer security related? Symantec created an online FPS (first person shooter) where you play a hero that roams around with his Goggles and an anti-infection gun.

After registering on the Symantec Endpoint Game web site (you will need a valid e-mail address), you can login and start playing. For starting the game you will need Unity Web Player that enables you to view 3D content created on Unity platform directly in your browser.

Your task is to simply save your global network from viruses, worms, and a hideous host of online threats that are poised to take your IT infrastructure down. Each level holds its own time limit and yu can even get extra time if you answer at some simple Symantec related questions. I like the idea very much, the marketing team behind is worth every penny.

The gaming is pretty easy, keyboard and mouse are the only things you will need. There is some interface flickering, but you get used to after some time.

Game play screenshots:

The bad guys:

I often got this screen:

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