Survey shows careless staffers risk corporate data

A survey of more than 100 UK office workers has revealed that employees are hugely reliant on access to network data to do their jobs, yet show an alarming apathy about the value of that data. The survey was carried out by secure online backup specialist, Databarracks, and the findings are a stark warning to UK businesses:

  • Data dependent: Workers are so dependent on corporate data that 84% felt they couldn’t do their job for more than half a day if they lost access to it, whilst 43% felt they could not cope for any period without access
  • Recreational risk: More than half (57%) have at some point lost an office work laptop/BlackBerry/USB stick, with the most common loss location being a pub, bar or restaurant
  • Personal priorities: More than three-quarters (77%) admitted storing personal content such as photos on their office network or PC, putting obvious strain on company resources as well as increasing the risk of malware infection. Meanwhile, the same number (77%) would prioritise their personal mobile phone over their work PC if both were on fire, clearly valuing personal over corporate data
  • Loss liabilities: Companies are massively exposed to human error. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of respondents have accidentally deleted data on the networks, whilst 69% admitted to saving more than 10 important work files on their PCs alone, causing major potential disruption if they were stolen or damaged
  • Neglecting nature: Many employees are neglecting their “carbon footprint’, with 24% stating they never switch off their PC at close of business and 23% only sometimes. More than half (55%) of respondents also feel their company should plan better for environmental incidents, such as the floods that took place earlier this year

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