Trend adds Intrusion Defense Firewall to OfficeScan

The new Trend Micro Intrusion Defense Firewall plug-in for OfficeScan 8.0 brings network-level Host Intrusion Prevention System capabilities to the endpoint. With IDF, malicious network communication is intercepted right at the endpoint, before it has a chance to intrude into networks and disrupt users.

Intrusion Defense Firewall shields vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered. Enterprise endpoints are protected even before security patches are applied. Installation is fast and simple — IT administrators plug-in the application onto the OfficeScan 8.0 architecture, minimizing time and cost.

Intrusion Defense Firewall combines stateful inspection firewall technology with deep-packet inspection to screen incoming and outgoing network communication. This prevents malicious and potentially harmful content from reaching and disrupting the operating system and common applications, ensuring system stability and user productivity. Legacy applications and systems can be protected by allowing administrators to deploy custom filters, tailored to their specific environment.

The Intrusion Defense Firewall plug-in for OfficeScan 8.0 is available for order. Per user pricing varies by seat count and price decreases with volume. For the 501-1000 seat level, the Intrusion Defense Firewall plug-in is $16.17 per user.

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