Bluetooth guardian for Series 60 phones

Symbian Guru released BT Guard – the security software which helps to protect the phone from unauthorized access via Bluetooth. BT Guard changes your Bluetooth status automatically, making your phone invulnerable and saves your battery life. BT Guard changes Bluetooth status automatically according to your settings.

From now you do not have to remember to turn the BT off, after its usage; application BT Guard will do it for you. You have just to set it correctly according to your wishes.

You can set an idle time to turn the BT off, after some time not being used. Your Bluetooth status can be turned on but be invisible to others. This feature helps you to protect your phone from Bluetooth attacks and unauthorized intrusion.

When it is time to change your Bluetooth status the application can ask you for confirmation to turn it on or off. Also this feature can be deactivated by selecting option “Never’. Application can ask you also only when Bluetooth is active.

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