Example of double spam sent to mailboxes and mailing lists

A way of double spamming – combo of spamming email users and mailing lists to get a profit:

#1 Spammer sends a spam e-mail to a mailing list that doesn’t have rigorous moderating – in this case netbsd-docs. The post is mirrored online.

#2 Spammer then sends actual spam e-mails that pass through anti-spam filters (Mail application locally categorizes it as junk) with direct links to a link on a rather well known domain.

#3 The spam content and a new link are available in the mailing list archives. While the post was there for approximately 2 months (check the URl), the moderators removed all the spam instances a couple of hours ago (therefor there isn’t a screenshot of the actual spam message):

#4 Google still shows online mirrors of spam sent to other e-mail accounts (mailing lists in this case) with a link to a copy of the spam located in netbsd.org mailing list web archive:

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