Sourcefire 3D gets a Network Intrusion Prevention System Certification from ICSA Labs

Sourcefire 3D System’s 3D3800 Sensor has received Network Intrusion Prevention System certification from ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon Business.

Attaining ICSA Labs’ highly-coveted network IPS certification reaffirms Sourcefire’s commitment to investing the resources necessary to provide its customers with protection against threats and vulnerabilities. ICSA Labs’ network IPS testing focuses on real-world security, performance and administrative requirements simultaneously rather than in isolation, providing confidence in the Sourcefire security system.

To attain network IPS certification, the Sourcefire 3D3800 met all of ICSA Labs’ network IPS criteria, having passed a rigorous mix of security, performance and administrative tests. Based on Snort and leveraging Sourcefire’s loyal and dedicated open source community, Sourcefire combines innovative security solutions with proactive protection from the latest threats.

Built on a common foundation of network and user intelligence, the Sourcefire 3D System unifies four key Enterprise Threat Management (ETM) solutions—IPS, NBA, NAC and VA – to defend enterprise networks at all stages of the attack continuum, including before, during and after the attack. Sourcefire is the first network security vendor to integrate all four ETM components under the same management console, affording customers both efficient and effective means for defending complex networks against today’s most costly threats.

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