New GateKeeper prevents leap-frogging to unauthorized areas

Xceedium announced the availability of Xceedium GateKeeper 4.0, which delivers patent-pending LeapFrog Prevention technology, FIPS 140-2, Level 2 certification and other new feature enhancements. Many Fortune 200 organizations and top government agencies rely on the Xceedium GateKeeper appliance to manage, control, contain, track and report on technical users who need access to mission-critical resources and systems on the network to do their jobs.

Xceedium GateKeeper 4.0 provides first-to-market technology that allows companies to protect critical infrastructure by restricting technical users to authorized areas only. Its patent-pending LeapFrog Prevention technology monitors and enforces policy at the socket layer and tracks all activities for these users. When a user attempts to open a socket to another device or server on the network using interactive protocols or commands, GateKeeper blocks use of the protocol to prevent “leap-frogging” to other unauthorized devices. GateKeeper also generates comprehensive, ad hoc activity alerts, enabling industry requirements and regulations to be met.

LeapFrog Prevention technology is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX.

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