New U.S. patent for network security testing

Critical Watch, a provider of security risk management and compliance solutions, has been awarded United States Patent 7325252 for its original and comprehensive network security testing methodology.

What separates Critical Watch testing functionality from competitors is the ability to test multiple IP addresses simultaneously — networks, computers, servers, firewalls, VoIP phones — from any place in the world rather than from only one location. Multiple configurations are available which allow businesses to customize and streamline testing to match their specific business goals with minimum effort. In addition, the intuitive nature of this patented testing methodology results in consistent accuracy and fewer false positives.

Critical Watch CEO David Laizerovich commented:

The idea for this distributed scanning technology stemmed from our own experience with inefficient testing methods in 2000. As we studied what was available and compared it to what was needed we realized there was room for growth. The industry needed something better.

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