CradlePoint introduces MBR1000 ‘fail-safe’ mobile broadband router

CradlePoint has begun shipping the MBR1000, an 802.11 draft ‘N’ Mobile Broadband Router that supports wired WAN and wireless WAN backhaul, and provides greater range and speed than any other commercially available cellular router.

Powered by CradlePoint’s WiPipe technology, the MBR1000 is the first ‘N’ router to include an Express Card slot for cellular modems (WWAN), and supports failover capability for enterprises seeking to implement continuous connectivity for remote and field offices. The MBR1000 detects when the primary uplink is lost, and automatically switches to a
wireless backup.

The MBR1000 operates with cellular data plans offered by ATT, Sprint, and Verizon, and is compatible with modems from Kyocera, Novatel, and Sierra Wireless (SWIR) among others. The router can also connect via a number of 3G handsets such as RIM’s BlackBerry and Motorola’s RAZR handset. So in the event of a network outage, customers can even plug in a 3G handset and remain connected.

With the MBR1000 you can:

  • Enjoy 10X speed and 4x range of 802.11’N’ over 802.11 g networks.
  • Automatically switch between wired and multiple cellular WAN connections.
  • Choose from a wide range of available EVDO or HSDPA modems in Express Card or USB form factor.
  • Determine the Cellular signal strength by front panel indicators
  • Easily configure a wireless network in remote or mobile locations.

Starting today, the MBR1000 will be available from a number of distributors, Internet retailers, and cellular resellers at an MSRP of $249.

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