Customized security for virtual machines

Catbird’s VMShield is a security solution specifically designed to control and secure Virtual Machines (VMs).

VMShield extends best practice security protection to virtualized machines, detecting both unintentional management error and hostile threats. Delivering continuous, automated 24×7 monitoring with a targeted focus on protecting virtual machines and their critical data, VMShield’s breadth of critical services include change control and secondary control validation; automatic quarantine of unauthorized VMs; server sprawl management; and network data protection against vulnerabilities, known attack signatures and VM-to-VM attacks. VMShield is the only service to proactively secure virtual machines from VM to VM and Hypervisor to VM network threats, covering the critical potential risks of virtualization’s new threat surface.

VMShield can monitor and control access to the virtual network, detect malicious network activity directed at VMs from other VMs, detect and control VM sprawl and validate that VMs are configured according to best practices and site security policy. VMShield effectively validates secondary controls and data protection for VMs.

At the core of VMShield is the Catbird V-Agent virtual appliance which ensures protection is delivered within the virtual network itself. Monitoring from the inside yields significantly more effective coverage, providing access to hypervisor and VM information via APIs, and eliminating the need to reroute traffic onto the physical network for validation. Running directly on the virtual network, VMShield will detect unauthorized changes and control VM sprawl, providing immediate quarantine of unauthorized VMs.

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