Free wireless network security scan

Pure Networks Security Scan provides an online free wireless network security scan that lets anyone quickly check for security issues on their individual computers and their wireless networks. The tool is ideal for home users, as well as those in small office/home office environments, providing a quick assessment of potential network security problems.

The easy-to-use tool checks a user’s network for potential issues and vulnerabilities and then provides a “score card” with detailed self-help information about how to fix wireless network security problems that are network related and security problems that are computer specific.

Examples of the vulnerabilities Pure Networks Security Scan checks for include:

  • Unknown computers or devices on the network
  • Use of a default password for the wireless network router
  • Changed or opened ports on the wireless network router
  • Manipulated settings that redirect to malicious Web sites
  • Up-to-date antivirus software

For now, the tool just works in Internet Explorer 6+ browsers.

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