InfoSec World 2008: New version of AirDefense wireless intrusion prevention solution

AirDefense launched AirDefense Enterprise 7.3, the wireless intrusion prevention platform featuring the first software-only Spectrum Analysis solution. Using Spectrum Analysis, interference sources can be identified before critical business services running over wireless networks are impacted. Potential sources of interference include Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, wireless cameras and microwave ovens.

Because non-802.11 interference can be intermittent and difficult to pinpoint, troubleshooting often requires visits to the location where the problem occurs. Sending experienced wireless engineers to remote locations for troubleshooting is often cost-prohibitive.

Advanced Forensics is the first tool available that enables administrators to dynamically analyze network performance trends stretching over months or even years. AirDefense Enterprise stores and manages 325 data points per device, per minute for each wireless device and provides administrators with the ability to rewind and review detailed records of wireless activity for assistance in a forensic investigation. By storing critical device and connectivity statistics such as channel activity, signal characteristics, device activity and traffic flow, AirDefense Enterprise is able to provide a comprehensive view of the wireless LAN.

The CMC allows users to reach any level of scale while effectively managing configuration settings of multiple appliances from a single console. In addition, administrators can manage deployments with tens of thousands of sensors from one central console. Settings across multiple appliances can be synchronized to ensure a consistent and secure deployment. The single console simplifies administration by facilitating tasks such as searching for wireless devices across all appliances, configuring alarms settings, checking for policy consistency across multiple appliances and other administrative tasks.

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