Wireless MotionViewer that detects genuine intrusion

ADT Singapore launched MotionViewer, a wireless video intrusion detection system. Built around a dedicated mobile GPRS network, MotionViewer combines “motion detection” with an “embedded video camera” (PCAM) to first detect the intrusion and determine if the alarm is genuine by viewing the video recording from the PCAM.

The intrusion detection alarm and the real-time video capture will be transmitted to ADT’s 24/7 Central Monitoring Station. Through instant video confirmation, the monitoring team can respond immediately by alerting the police or by neutralizing the false alarm. Video verified alarms are treated as “crime in progress” and the police can take action immediately.

Secured by encrypted wireless communication, MotionViewer is a military- grade radio transceiver frequency of 868MHz device that covers a range of up to 600 meters (line of sight). A mobile security system, it can be shifted easily and installed at any location, including warehouses, construction sites, retail shops, boats and small commercial areas. The sensors can be hidden at any location specified by the customer.

MotionViewer subscribers will be able to receive all intrusion video clips through their email or smart mobile phones — via mobile GPRS network. They will enjoy privacy as the camera is only triggered during alarm detection. In addition, they can enjoy peace of mind and the high quality service provided by the dedicated monitoring team at ADT, the world leader in electronic security solutions.

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