First end-point security solution for Android OS

Savant Protection’s end-point security solution has been successfully ported to Android providing optimum security against cyber-security threats for the much anticipated mobile operating system. Savant’s passive deterrence approach presents a very small operational profile with minimal impact on system performance making it the premiere solution available to resolve the potential threat of malware intrusion on mobile/wireless systems.

Savant technology makes computing systems impervious to the injection and spread of malicious applications, scripts or changes to the system’s existing soft infrastructure by providing unique cryptographic signatures to the approved application set on each system.

The ability of unauthorized or unknown applications to execute is denied rendering it impossible for malicious code to compromise the host system or spread to other Savant enhanced systems. By containing viral intrusion and eliminating its spread, the risk of network-wide compromise is averted. Savant eliminates the need for bandwidth clogging inoculation downloads; scanning or persistent patching thus freeing up critical system resources resulting in uninterrupted usage and system performance.

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