iDetector wireless network capabilities

Graphic Security Systems Corporation (GSSC) will include the Eye-Fi Card for its iDetector authentication device. The iDetector attachment utilizes a Canon digital camera as its base hardware and software technology. GSSC, knowing the power of integrating its technology with Canon’s digital cameras, anticipated third party upgrades to expand the iDetector’s capabilities.

GSSC discovered a new third party upgrade which works seamlessly to expand the iDetector’s network capabilities from a company called Eye-Fi. The Eye-Fi Card provides an effortless and ultra-convenient way for users to send images directly from digital cameras to wireless networks. In addition to connecting to Wi-Fi networks, it also stores images just like a conventional SD memory card.

The wireless memory card for digital cameras will capitalize on Wi-Fi, making it effortless for users to upload, save, share digital images, thereby removing virtually all obstacles to networking. This device will revolutionize the way Wi-Fi is enabled in digital cameras.

GSSC’s adaption of the Eye-fi Card in its iDetector will create a host of options for hands free authentication through a network. If you are authenticating a product or capturing a barcode, the wireless card is a major breakthrough to incorporate wireless communication between existing computer devices and network systems.

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