Integrated product for fighting online fraud and identity theft

Intellitactics and Radware have joined forces to provide businesses and government agencies a real-time capability to detect fraud and thwart identity theft.

This alliance combines Intellitactics Security Manager and Radware’s business-smart network to provide security and operational teams a way to monitor the activity of authenticated users accessing online portals and web applications. Upon identification of security breaches or suspicious activities, comprehensive investigatory and remediation efforts can then be initiated. Fast action halts fraudulent acts in process and protects users from the damages inflicted by fraud and identity theft.

The integrated product offering delivers real-time fraud detection and remediation by combining the actionable business events from Radware’s Inflight solution with the powerful correlation and security event management capability from Intellitactics Security Manager. Leveraging Radware’s business-smart network with its Inflight and AppDirector products, Intellitactics Security Manager can initiate remediation actions while the user is in-session; including redirection to an authentication solution and terminating or pausing the transaction.

With a holistic approach to security management, security and information risk management teams can detect theft, fraud, and abuse of web-enabled assets such as financials and customer information; cut hours of investigative time; increase the accuracy of threat detection; and take preemptive action to protect critical information assets from both the “trusted” insider and the external cyber criminal.

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