SecureVTS – a new Virtual TapeServer disk encryption solution

Crossroads Systems announced SecureVTS, its Virtual TapeServer encryption solution for data backed-up and restored from disk. SecureVTS is a simple, integrated and cost-effective encryption VTS module that is being sold under the Crossroads brand and distributed through Crossroads’ long-standing OEM-branded partnerships.

Companies use Crossroads Virtual TapeServer to ensure the rapid backup and recovery of their data stored on disk. Crossroads VTS is a backup appliance consisting of a server, disk storage and virtual tape software developed by Crossroads. Crossroads’ Virtual TapeServer emulates industry standard tape drive(s) by storing data onto disk as it would onto tape – but many times faster. Therefore, companies can perform backups faster, reduce the backup windows, deliver fast data restores and recoveries, and ensure that finding the right tape and file to recover can be done rapidly as well as reduce media and backup labor costs.

SecureVTS is a software module for Crossroads Virtual TapeServer that encrypts and decrypts backup data being written on disk from one or more host servers. As compliance regulations and organizations highly recommend the encryption of valuable data, SecureVTS provides Virtual TapeServer users such as banking institutions, stock exchanges, telecommunication and healthcare companies with a robust encryption solution that deploys on existing hardware. Crossroads uses industry standard 256-bit AES symmetric key encryption and includes an integrated key server as well as key database that support the full key management lifecycle.

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