Latest spam and viruses figures around the globe

Geographical Trends:

  • In March, spam levels in Switzerland rose by 6.15 percent since February, surpassing levels in Hong Kong where they fell by 0.76 percent during the same period.
  • Spam levels in the US were 70.7 percent in March, 69.1 percent in Canada and 61.1 percent in the UK. Germany’s spam rates reached 70.1 percent and 68.6 percent in the Netherlands. Australia experienced levels of 61.3 percent, 66.8 percent in New Zealand, 68.8 percent in China and 65.5 percent in Japan.
  • Virus activity fell across most regions in March, except in Austria, Italy and Sweden where virus levels increased by less than one percent. The largest decrease occurred in Israel where virus levels fell by 1.2 percent. Swizerland replaces Israel as the most targeted country for viruses even with a 0.54 percent decrease in virus levels.
  • Virus levels for the US were 1 in 245.1 and 1 in 180.3 for Canada. In the UK, virus levels were 1 in 137.7 and 1 in 255.6 for Germany. In Australia, virus levels were 1 in 215.7, and Japan reached 1 in 257.4.

Vertical Trends:

  • Spam levels fluctuated across several industry sectors rose in March, with Manufacturing and Education being the top two verticals targeted with the highest levels of spam with 82.1 percent and 80.4 percent respectively. The greatest rise was noted in the IT Services sector, where spam levels rose by 4.6 percent to 79.9 percent.
  • Spam levels for the Retail sector were at 78 percent, 70.6 percent for Public Sector, 69.5 percent for Chemical/Pharmaceutical and 68.1 percent for Finance.
  • Similarly, virus levels for many industry sectors decreased during March. Education was the exception where virus levels rose by 0.06 percent.
  • Virus levels for the the Finance sector were 1 in 231.5, 1 in 232.2 for IT Services and 173.5 for Retail.

Source: MessageLabs Intelligence Report for March 2008.


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