RSA 2008: Study shows that more companies are deploying cryptography and database security

Preview results from the 2008 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study, conducted by industry analysts Frost & Sullivan, highlights a growing desire for information security professionals to protect specific data, as well as corporate and government networks.

When asked what security technologies were deployed in their organizations, 66% of 6,523 certified information security professionals surveyed globally said they had deployed cryptography and 65 % database security. However, the most deployed security technologies are firewalls (92%), physical security (79%), intrusion detection (78%), and identity and access management (73%).

This shows that the majority of organizations have good perimeter security technologies in place. Wireless and vulnerability management technologies, both deployed by only 57% of the members surveyed, were outside of the top 10 technologies identified. The full study, to be released at Infosecurity Europe on Tuesday 22nd April in a keynote presentation, covers responses from professionals responsible for information security management in over 100 countries.

“Consistent with recent headlines that highlight great concerns with data loss, this study suggests that companies are making investments in this area, indicating a growing trend to implement security beyond the perimeter. Information security strategy is evolving away from a great focus on the network to becoming more data-conscious,” says John Colley, CISSP, Managing Director for (ISC)2 EMEA. “Overall, companies are adopting a comprehensive approach, with a breadth of technologies addressing a wider set of needs.”

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