VPN Analyzer helps with understanding and exploring VPN policies

AlgoSec unveiled the AlgoSec VPN Analyzer. For the first time, enterprises now can easily and automatically explore and understand their VPN policies to improve overall security and efficiency. The latest offering enhances the AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA) Product Suite which was built to help users automate complex and time-consuming aspects of firewall, router and VPN administration.

AlgoSec’s VPN and firewall analysis software solutions work across all available platforms from the leading three enterprise firewall vendors: Cisco, Check Point and Juniper/NetScreen.
With the AlgoSec VPN Analyzer enterprises now can:

  • Improve management of remote users and VPN site-to-site connections
  • View risky VPN rules relative to industry standards
  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities from the VPN configuration
  • Cleanup VPN configuration to improve performance
  • Provide real-time monitoring and track changes in VPN configuration
  • Meet VPN compliance requirements in PCI DSS, SOX and other regulations

Some key technical features of the AlgoSec VPN Analyzer include:

  • VPN Rules — view rules from the firewall policy that relate to the VPN
  • User Groups — view a list of VPN user groups, the users in each group and the rules associated with each group
  • Users — view a list of all VPN users, their authentication method, the groups they belong to, expiration date and encryption characteristics
  • Communities — view all the VPN communities linked to their firewalls, their encryption characteristics and the rules associated with them
  • Expired Users — view all users whose credentials have expired and can no longer login anymore
  • Unattached User Groups — view user groups that are not associated with any rules
  • Unattached Users — view users who are not associated with any rules


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